Issue 3 is here!

I am very excited to announce that issue 3 of Sea Urchins magazine has now gone live on the App.
 Front cover
It is a really eclectic issue, packed with a lot more content and a variety of topics.
The main focus for this issue is whales. It will feature sections on:
Discovery: Whale Creature Feature pages with facts,  and images.
Learning: Conservation- learn about some great organisations that work to help study, monitor and protect marine mammals in different areas.
Can you identify a whale by its dorsal fin?? Try our little quiz on these pages.
Creation: Turn a humble plastic milk bottle into an epic whale. This is recycling at its best, using a wasteful, everyday material and turning into a fun and creative activity. Once made, the imagination can be let loose with colours, accessories and finish with a funky or maybe exotic name.
Geting involved: Whale week at Sealife…either get down to Sealife for this great event, or follow the activities of the week online. Watch out for the blog here!
There are…
Interviews: With a range of interesting Q&A’s in this issue:
3 amazing shark characters share some personal information from phobias (I bet you thought sharks had no fear) to favourite pop groups.
They also tell us about their mission in shark and ocean conservation. It takes these type of charismatic and determined types to make a real impact on the world! We are honoured to have them involved…..They also tell us what they think of their fellow shark campaigners!
We have Shark Stanley from the US, Finley from Project Aware in the UK and Hector the shark from New Zealand.
We also have a human hero interview with TV star and adventurer Ben Fogle…read about his plans to swim the Atlantic this year to raise awareness about environmental threats to the ocean. A brave and extreme mission to get attention for a major cause for our amazing oceans!
Check out Stacey Solomon and Jeff Brazier in a shark tank with snorkels! (There is a rather substantially sized sand tiger shark in that tank!).
Seaurchins 092 {c} D Solmon 2012
There is a page where you can identify the adaptations of a toothed whale and a baleen species.
Fish Fact Cards- There is a new card game to collect. Learn some quick facts about 2 new species in every issue and watch out for the ‘Beware’ cards that are different threats to the ocean.
Important: There is so much beauty in the ocean, but it is also crucial to be aware of some of the problems too.
We have a feature on a range of issues including plastics and noise pollution.
Read about some of the causes and implications and listen to our sound clip…a two part clip on how the ocean should sound to a whale and how it is thought to sound for most whales due to a range of destructive human activities.
And finally….our new character Whoa the whale.
Whoa is…..not the shy retiring type. Read about his story and keep looking out for the animated version coming soon….
Whoa the whale
Don’t forget to play the video’s and sound clips too….
I hope everyone enjoys this issue, there is always so much to learn about the ocean. Fall in love with its wonder and awe and use this passion to motivate yourself and everyone around you to make changes and create awareness.
Make conservation cool!
There is such variation on this planet, so don’t feel bad about being fickle, my relationship with nature started with birds, evolved into elephant fondness, dolphin delight to now shark fascination and pure nudibranch obsession.
Nature is one of our greatest blessings, don’t let it fade into the background :)
Samantha x


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