Issue 4- The Seahorse special goes global!

ISSUE 4 has arrived!

The new front cover!

The new front cover!

I am very excited to announce the release of issue 4. This issue is  the best and biggest so far. It has been printed in its highest quantities ever and will be distributed globally!

30,000 copies have been printed, with copies being distributed across the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand in selected Sea Life Centres and Parks.

In this issue: 

Leafy seadragon

Leafy seadragon

1. Learn about 6 different species of seahorse in ‘Creature Feature’.

2. Explore a range of conservation projects in Sea Life centres around the world.

3. Be informed on the problems of plastic pollution with Global Ocean, but find out ways that you can help. 

Harvey snorkels with sharks and Stacey..

Harvey snorkels with sharks and Stacey..



4. Be inspired by our new committee members- Harvey, Huey and Charlotte.



5. Find and attend fun and helpful events in your area

6. Cook with a conscience- a tasty sustainable recipe.

image 1

7. Be encouraged to embrace the wonderful natural world with Kate Humble.


Our bubbly new character

Our bubbly new character


 8. Find out about the super hero powers of the new character Stacey the Seahorse.

Download the app version for extras including  video content and exclusive underwater sounds:

Get App Happy!



Twitter: @Sea_Urchinsmag


I hope that everyone enjoys this issue and takes it on all of their summer trips with them…Get outside and enjoy the amazing natural world!

Sam x



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