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Hello Urchins!

It has been an exciting couple of weeks-  from a lake clear up to shark snorkels with STACEY SOLOMON, JEFF BRAZIER, IMOGEN LEAVER and SKY LIVING-

Issue 2 is also now live. It is the DOLPHIN special.

You can access  and view it on all devices now. Feel free to print this out at home, especially the beautiful WYLAND marine poster, the ORCA activity sheet and the fun activity from the RSPB.

We also have new features on our APP including interactive video’s! Have you seen the You tube clip of Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis and I scuba diving in a shark tank at London’s Sealife?

There is also a funny but informative Q&A with the world famous Barry the Wrasse and Bernard the Gurnard. You can read their interviews and watch their videos via your device. Very exciting.

Have you all seen the brand new Sea Urchins character Spike?? We are running an amazing prize where you have the chance to design your very own marine character to join Spike’s team. The winner will work with the Urchins designer and your character will be published! (

Please let us know your thoughts and any future ideas!

Much ocean love,


PS A big thanks to our wonderful ever growing Urchin committee. Let us know if you want to join the gang… (This issue featured Avery, Gus and Lou Lou).

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Hello ocean enthusiasts!

Welcome to the all new Sea Urchins blog. This is our little ocean platform to present exciting news, events and other fun information. It is also a place where contributors, special guests and most importantly our lovely young readers can share their stories and experiences.
I look forward to reading and sharing lots of sea stories and ocean tales.
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My Cornwall Holiday by Lou-Lou Wright (Aged 10)

When we arrived at Gwithian Chalets which is on the outskirts of Hayle near St.Ives I was interested to see that there was a note on the table saying hello and then surprisingly,
“Help protect the Cornish environment!”
“Children and adults are welcome to play in the sand bowl, however please don’t trample, walk, or slide down the grassy dune slopes as they are easily eroded and take years to recover. The dunes system bordering our site is a site of special scientific interest but if its rare plants and animals.”
I had not realised that the sand dunes were as endangered as our seas! The information on the note also said,
“Glow worms are becoming very rare – please remember to turn off outside lights when not needed as these interfere with their breeding.”
I would never have thought that there were glow worms in Cornwall ! They sound exotic from a far off land.

When my family and I went on a walk down to the sea through the sand dunes, we found lots and lots of snail shells and many beautiful wild flowers. My dad even saw a snake which he thought looked like an adder, disappear into the long grass. We were bare foot so got a bit worried, but I realised that the snake would be more afraid of us then us of him! I went on the internet and found some interesting things about the dunes we were walking over. The grass that grows on top of the dunes cannot live with thousands of peoples feet trampling on it. The grass dies from us walking on it and leaves the sand bare. Then the sand gets blown by the wind. So it is us walking on it that kills off the sand dunes. Sand dunes and beaches act as defense, protecting the lands behind them from the powerful sea.
I went surfing every day, which I loved. The sea was different every day, changing one day big and rolling, the next day breaking into white water far out and rolling slowly in and stopping half way to the beach.

One day there were masses of blue mussel shells in clumps all along the beach. I saw a grey seal in the shallows one day next me. My surf instructor told me about a seal that used to come and surf alongside them! And once the seal tried to get up on the back of his surf board!
Here is one of the most interesting things I have found out – 70% of planet earth is underwater – who wouldn’t want to explore the biggest part of our planet?!

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