Star Gazing at Sealife…The Sea Urchins humble ‘cousin’ steals the limelight!


The ‘Ocean of Stars Opening’

Last Sunday Sealife launched a super stylish and colourful new display of Starfish.

It was a star filled morning both with the guests and animals on display….

It is a really exciting new exhibit with interactive and tactile sections:


KEY IMAGE 5 - Interactive touchy feelyand fun viewing areas:


You could look through a window and see the smallest starfish in the world and also see live  moving Sunflower stars- the largest starfish in the world

Did you know that the sunflower star has 24 arms??!! Don’t try and ‘High Five’ one of those guys!

It was very exciting to see our lovely Sea Urchins close family member get so much exposure. Sea stars and Sea Urchins are part of the same Phylum (type of group) called the Echinoderms- this makes them quite closely related.

They share a few characteristics such as a hard outer surface (don’t be fooled by the starfish that is called the cushion star- I wouldn’t quite cosy up to it) and tubed feet.

Did you know that starfish and Sea urchins actually move? They use their tubed  feet with the help of water movement and muscle contractions to maneuver themselves around….some of the Sunflower starfish had traveled over a large portion of their tanks while I watched them for a few minutes on Sunday- very therapeutic!

There were also some human stars with their family’s at this exciting preview day:

jdh_30-2423005940-O jdh_18-2423003931-O jdh_14-2423003700-O

Overall it was a starry starry day and I absolutely loved having such an array of areas for one special type of creature.

The greatest thing about this new section was that it can encourage everyone to get outside and go exploring. Some of the starfish were tropical varieties, but some can be seen in many parts of the UK.

Starfish can be found in lots of different places and they are fun, funky and fascinating!

What type is your favourite?



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