Tuesday 22nd October- Plastic ‘not’ fantastic

Today we had a lovely day with a group of year 6 pupils at Argyle school in Kings Cross.

The event was to raise awareness about plastic pollution and the damaging effects of it on our environment, oceans and us!


The morning began with a fun and informative presentation by Fatemah from Global Ocean.



The pupils were so quiet and engaged that it felt like we were underwater in a calm, clear, plastic free bay….

To test their listening skills and knowledge, the pupils all took part in a game of Ocean Quiz Bingo. It was so encouraging to hear how much they had all taken in and the enthusiasm was infectious…. But the tranquil bay vibe very quickly became more like a turbid, surging, wreckage!

bingo 2

Bingo Bonanza!

bingo  bingo 3


Three winners were announced and the sound of Bingo was a little softer than your typical Essex Mecca Bingo establishment!

Next up…the fish making workshop!

The class was divided into 6 groups. Each table was drowned in empty plastic materials and wrappers….It went from bay, to wreck to mild storm.


photo (10)

Kate and a student creating a delightful dolphin from actual garbage! Recycling dream…

workshop 1 Workshop 2

The greatest thing about the workshop was seeing sad and empty used materials transform into intricate and colourful creations of pure, innocent imagination.

A member of each group presented their masterpiece and were awarded with admiration and applause.

Display 5

The boys create a giant swordfish and whale! From trash to triumph..

Display 1

From muck to mammals…..

Display 3

And disused jars to jellyfish….

display 4

To potential sewage becoming a swordfish…

Display 2

Angela from Bobble UK also attended to present the students with a simple and easy way to help reduce plastic bottle waste. She explained to them how a water Bobble only needs to be changed after 300 uses so therefore saves the equivalent of 300 plastic water bottles.

The ‘Recycling Rangers Ambassador scheme’:

Each class member was labelled with the honourable and noble title of ‘Recycling Ranger’


Each lucky pupil was then handed a free water Bobble, Sea Urchins magazine and the responsibility to think about plastic in their everyday lives.


From the group of rangers, two of the students were carefully selected as Ambassadors for their school. The two plastic purists will now be responsible for reporting back to Sea Urchins, Global Ocean and Bobble about the plastic usage of the class, including water bottle inspections.

The event was successful on many levels. It was reassuring to be reminded how open, and enthusiastic children can be about the marine environment. They were engaged, excited and responsive the entire time. They absorbed and actively immersed themselves in the topic and will now hopefully go home and tell their parents, grandparents, siblings or anyone else who will listen.

The day was further confirmation of how important it is to involve and empower the next generation.

With the combination of Samantha and Kate from Sea Urchins magazine, Fatemah, Emma and Sarah from Global Ocean and Angela from Bobble UK, a serious, frightening, escalating problem of plastic pollution was translated into a fun, engaging, activity packed event.

The children came away happy, motivated and knowledgeable and we came away wanting to do more……

Lots more events to come…a stroke closer to saving our oceans!

Scuba Sammy x



‘Recycle Rangers’ ready for action!

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