Whalefest. October 2012

Last weekend Sea Urchins magazine had a stand and activity area at the wonderful Whalefest event in Brighton.

We had a ‘Whale of time’! (sorry it had to be done).

Whalefest was an event to bring together anyone interested in whales and the ocean. The two day event involved informative talks, fun activities and impressive displays. The purpose of it all was to highlight the beauty and importance of these amazing organisms and to raise awareness for the ‘Save the whale’ campaign.

It was a long drive back and forth from London to Brighton, but the time flew by due to the high energy, positive and fun fish banter that was provided by Jenny and a second Sam. It was actually a good opportunity to chat about the event, discuss ideas and generally talk about our plans to help save the ocean and inspire the next generation (as one does :) ).

I set up Sea Urchins magazine over a year ago now (with the help of so many incredible and supportive people). It was the best decision that I ever made. There have been times where it can all be about business, logistical matters and organisation, but it is at these type of events where everything makes sense and where I remember why I decided to take on this big venture in the first place.

The ‘heart and soul’ of Sea Urchins is the actual magazine, but it is the ethos and purpose of Sea Urchins to inspire the next generation that truely drives it. It was my little RSPB magazine subscription that sparked my love of nature, changed my perspective of our planet and led me into the world of science and ocean conservation. If it was not for the combination of my incredible grandfather (the subscriber), the existence of a great publication and my impressionable age I wouldn’t be the ocean loving person that I am today.

It is the tiny little things at the crucial part of children’s lives that can impact on them forever!

It is the children who we need to influence everyone else. They are the open, eager ‘sea sponges’ that are ready to absorb the vital information and messages and are keen to dissipate it to others surrounding them.

This weekend I was also again reminded of the raw talent, comprehension and imagination that can come directly from the children themselves. This combined with enthusiasm and determination make them the most adaptable yet powerful people!

It is my mission to impact as many young people as I can. I want them to all love the ocean, nature, the outdoors and our amazing planet…my approach is to use positive, fun and engaging methods. We can leave the shocking and harsh realities for the adults and scientists. For children it is about impacting them at the right time…A quote from a legend…’People protect what they love’ (Jacques Cousteau).

My plan of action is to get the kids to love the ocean and environment…the results will then naturally roll on from there!

Over the 2 days the attending children (and some parents) drew some amazing marine creatures. The competition challenge is to design a ‘Superhero marine character’. This character needs to be based on a current organism but with extreme adaptations or powers.

We had a great time at Whalefest and everyone enjoyed doing the drawings, exploring all of the great exhibits and watching some great talks. It is always brilliant to get lots of people together for a great cause and for an exciting topic!

Check out some of the amazing examples of talent and imagination from Whalefest on our website gallery: http://www.seaurchinsmag.com/c.php?editid1=18&t=Gallery_|_Sea_Urchins_Magazine

It is also not too late to enter. Find details of the competition and how to enter here:


Thank you!


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