Seastars can regenerate lost arms. This can allow them to escape from predators.

Imagine if someone grabbed your arm and held onto it and you could just leave it with them and run away. Cool!

 Did you know that Parrot fish sleep in a ‘tent’ at night? Well kind of.  They create a clear mucus bubble cocoon from their mouths.  This protects them from potential predators by blocking out their smell and giving them an extra layer. This will give them more warning time. No-one likes to be woken up unexpectedly in the middle of the night. Sweet dreams.

Clownfish can change their gender from male to female. This means that Nemo could one day become Naomi!

 Seahorse- The male seahorse looks after the babies during pregnancy and gives birth to them.

Different ecosystems

Did you know that some trees live in water? This is called a mangrove ecosystem. It is very important because it acts like a nursery for marine creatures. The adults drop their young off like a human nursery and it is a safe place where they will be protected in a sheltered environment and somewhere where they can be nice and well fed.

 Seagrass is also another area that acts as a nursery for the young sea creatures. Look how happy this young Green turtle looks:

One of my favourite sea creatures is the nudribranch. They are so beautiful and colourful and to me look like someone has painted them. This picture was taken in Madagascar at a fringing reef dive site.


With nudibranch pretty = toxic. Their crazy patterns and colours are a warning to predators that they are poisonous to eat!


Alien look-alike: Mantis shrimp


Leaf-look a like fish

How much does this fish look like a piece of floating algae?!!


Crazy creature: Manatee

Don't you just want to give it a cuddle :)


What part of the body do you think this coral is named after? (answer below in red)


This is Fire coral. It may look like a harmless coral but it is actually a 'cousin' of the jellyfish. Like most jellyfish they also carry stinging nematocysts (stinging cells). If you mistake this for seaweed and touch it you will get a very painful stinging feeling! Remember try not to touch anything in the ocean- for yours and their protection!

Crazy upside-down jellyfish:

This may look like an anemone on the sandy sea bed, but it is actually an upside down jellyfish.

Crazy fact: Crabs sometimes pick them up and carry them on their backs as a form of protection.

Nice looking back pack!

Answer: Brain coral


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