How to Preserve Sea Urchin

Since sea urchins are known to be nutritionally very beneficial and expensive, people often like to preserve them to maintain their flavor and freshness so they can enjoy these delicacies even when they are scarce.

During the off-season, the price of sea urchins can get very high, making it very tough to buy and benefit from their nutrition. Therefore, people often buy sea urchins in bulk and like to preserve them, especially when they’re cheap & fresh, so they can enjoy them later on when the season is off, and the sea urchins’ prices are shooting up.

Since it’s important to preserve them properly so you can maintain their freshness and flavor, here I am going to tell you how to preserve sea urchins to ensure their availability during the off-season as well.

How to Preserve Sea Urchin

How to Preserve Sea Urchin

You can preserve sea urchins in a refrigerator. Just purchase the fresh one from the market and then clean and rinse thoroughly to remove debris. After that, carefully cut the cut open shell & remove the insides, and roe to place it in a container. Lastly, the container and store it in the refrigerator.

However, there are other methods that you can employ to effectively preserve sea urchins so you can enjoy them afterward during the off-season as well. Below I am mentioning three sea urchin preservation methods that you might find effective and suitable for your particular need.

3 Sea Urchin Preservation Methods

3 Sea Urchin Preservation Methods


Believe it or not, freezing is one of the most common and popular methods you can try to use to preserve sea urchins because it not only retains their unique flavor and texture but also extends their shelf life.

However, when you are freezing sea urchins, use the proper technique to maintain their qualities. If you don’t employ the right steps to maintain its quality, the sea urchins may start to rot. If you are looking to freeze the sea urchins, you first need to gently remove the roe from the spine using a spoon or any similar object.

After that, using cold water, remove all kinds of impurities that might harm you. Before putting it in the container directly, you must pat the roe using a paper towel to ensure it freezes evenly.

I recommend you always put the sea urchin roe at a temperature of minus 18 degrees C or below because it is the best to help them inhibit bacterial growth and maintain its quality.

Instead of containers, you can use a vacuum-sealed bag instead of containers to prevent freezer burn and maintain freshness. I usually like to put labels on the container with the freezing date so I can track it easily and better.

If you want, you can also use this technique for easy tracking. When you are thawing frozen sea urchins, it is best to do it slowly in the refrigerator. It is important to follow a gradual thawing process to preserve the roe’s texture and flavor.

It would help never to let it cool at room temperature or use a microwave. Using a microwave may lead to uneven thawing and also texture degradation.

Even though freezing is considered a reliable preservation method that you can employ, it is important to know that prolonged freezing will affect the freshness of the sea urchin’s roe. Therefore, I recommend consuming preserved roe within 3 to 6 months for optimal quality and flavor.


Another great method you can employ to preserve sea urchins is it offers an extended shelf life for the roe. However, make sure to know that the canning process requires proper preparation as well as sterilization to ensure the safety of the preserved product.

If you want to can sea urchins, you need first clean the roe thoroughly and remove any remaining spines while rinsing it off carefully to remove all kinds of Dirt, sand, and debris from it.

After that, sterilize the canning jar and lids by boiling them in water for a few minutes. Ten minutes would be enough to sterilize the canning jar when boiling them. Fill the jar with clean sea urchins, leaving sufficient head space to expand during the canning process. Lastly, you must seal the jar tightly and place it in a pressure canner.

Alternatively, you can also use a water bath canner. Even though canning sea urchins provides a long shelf life, enjoying their flavor and nutrients requires little effort after months of preservation.

However, you should note that the flavor & the texture will change slightly during the canning process, so never mind it. The sea urchin roe in can form is perfect for many culinary applications and can be added as a valuable addition to your pantry.


Lastly, another effective method that I find suitable for preserving sea urchins is a unique one that can enhance their flavor and create a new taste profile.

However, you must know that this method will evolve emerging sea urchin’s roe in a saline solution to create a tangy and flavourful result.

Yes, I am talking about the pickling method. If you want, you can also pickle sea urchins by preparing a solution using ingredients like water, salt, sugar, spices, and vinegar. After that, heat the brine until it reaches a boil, then let it cool at room temperature.

After cleaning the sea urchin roe, you can place it in the sterilized jar and pour the cooled brine solution over it, ensuring the roe is fully submerged. Now find a cool dark place to store the jar and ensure the seal is sitting fit & tight.

Many people like using pickled sea urchins in various dishes to complement a distinct flavor. You can use it in dishes like salad and sandwiches to add a unique and tangy twist to your culinary creations.

However, make sure to keep in mind that pickling is going to alter the texture of the sea urchin’s roe, making it softer compared to its fresh and frozen counterparts.

Storage & Shelf Life

Lastly, it would help if you stored it properly as it is important to maintain the quality and freshness of sea urchins’ roe. Depending upon the type of preservation method you choose to use to preserve sea urchins, you need to follow some essential guidelines to preserve them.

It would help if you always stored the sea urchins in a cool environment below 0° or 4°. You must also keep the humidity level around 90% to help the roe prevent drying out. So, make sure to choose a suitable container to store sea urchins roe so it can be done properly.

You can also use a vacuum shield bag if you’re considering freezing methods to protect it from moisture and air exposure. This will ensure that the texture & flavor remain retained by preventing freezer burn or contamination.

You also need to know that the storage duration for sea urchins roe will vary depending on the preserved method you follow.

In contrast, the freezing method will offer a shelf life of 3 to 6 months, whereas canned sea urchins can last up to a year or longer. You can enjoy pickled sea urchins for several months if you store them in an ideal condition.

Utilization & Recipes

If you are a fan of fresh sea urchins, then let me tell you, preserved ones can also offer a wide range of culinary possibilities. Many dishes can benefit from a unique flavor and texture while alleviating it to new heights. But if you’re wondering “Is Sea Urchin Poisonous to Eat” read this.

Below I am mentioning exciting and enticing recipes that will showcase the various versatility of preserved sea urchins.

Sea Urchin Pasta with Preserved Sea Urchin

  • Depending on the type of utensil you have, you can take a skillet or a tan to prepare this dish. 
  • You need to heat the olive oil over medium heat as you would like to fry any spice. 
  • Once the olive oil is heated, add the garlic and stir it until golden brown. Do miche the garlic properly so it turns golden brown evenly from all sides. 
  • After that, you need to add the preserved sea urchin roe to the skillet and gently break it open using a spoon to cook it for a few minutes until warmed. 
  • You can add Red chili flakes, lemon zest, and salt, depending on the spice you like. To enhance taste, I like to add paper and mix it well. 
  • After that, you need to toss in some pasta of your choice but ensure it is already cooked and stir it evenly with the sea urchin mixture. 
  • Lastly, you must garnish it and serve hot & fresh sea urchins, a delightful pasta dish.

Sea Urchin Sushi Rolls with Pickled Sea Urchin

If you like Japanese dishes, you can prepare Sushi rolls using pickled sea urchins. Yes, here is what you need to do.

  • First, you need to place a sheet of nori on a bamboo Sushi mat and spread a layer of Sushil rise evenly over it. 
  • Afterward, you can arrange a few vegetables of your choice, like cucumber, or even fruits, like avocado slices, on top of the rice. 
  • Now take out the pickled sea urchin’s roe generously and generally add along the center of the roll. 
  • Then it would help if you rolled Sushi tightly using the bamboo mag but applied only gentle pressure to keep the roll compact and firm. 
  • You can slice the roll and serve it with your favorite sauce, depending on your preferred bite size. Most people prefer serving dish sea urchin Sushi with soya sauce to dip.


There is no doubt that preserving the sea urchins will help you benefit from their availability during the off-season and from their nutrition. Sea urchins’ roe contains many helpful benefits.

Plus, the buttery texture gives you a distinct flavor and is a delightful ingredient in many culinary uses. After reading this article, you know three methods to preserve sea urchins.

Make sure you are following all the methods properly that have been mentioned below for techniques as well as storage guidelines so you can enjoy the delightful taste of sea urchins long after it is harvested from the Sea.

If you find this article helpful and informative, consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn how to preserve sea urchins so they can also gain some health benefits even when there is scarcity in the availability of sea urchins at local food markets or when it is very expensive.

Do check my other helpful guide on sea urchins available on this website. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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